The Crossbow — A Medieval Doomsday Device?

“For much of the Middle Ages, the crossbow was considered to be one of the most destabilizing weapons in existence, not unlike today’s nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.”
IN THE 12th CENTURY, the crossbow was considered by many to be a weapon of mass

MHN Judges the Best Court Martial Movies

Is the rigid discipline and unquestioned obedience of the military a necessary evil in wartime or is it the breeding ground for the worst sorts of injustice? A number of memorable films about courts martial have tried to crack this very

The Tu-95-Bear — Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

WHEN THE RUSSIAN AIR FORCE decommissions its fleet of Tupolev Tu-95 bombers sometime after 2040, the gigantic plane will have had a nearly 100-year service life.
The Tu-95, designated ‘Bear’ by NATO, is a 164-foot-long, four-engine turbo-prop bomber that can fly