Submission Guidelines

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(Image source: WikiCommons) welcomes bylined articles from authors, historians and content producers.

MHN is an ideal channel through which you can raise awareness of your book, film, app or project. We get at least 120,000 views a month and have a Twitter audience of more than 20,000 followers. Our readers are thoroughly invested in military history and would make ideal buyers of your content.

We are always looking for the following sorts of submissions.


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THESE WOULD BE be 500 to 1,000-word pieces that profile a specific person or historical event (or even an opinion piece). Here are some examples:

Profile of a person

Analysis of a battle

Profile of a piece of technology

Discussion of an event, trend, etc.

Op/Ed style piece

REMEMBER: Whatever the format we use, it’s up to the writer to grab the reader’s attention and demonstrate very quickly why the topic matters, is timely, unique, often-overlooked or is somehow relevant.


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THESE ARE BuzzFeed style pieces with titles like:

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Sherman Tank
9 Fascinating Facts About Rommel
7 Famous Generals Who Flunked Out of West Point

Ideally, you’d write one using the interesting information from your own book(s) and subject areas. These are extremely popular types of articles and lend themselves to sharing via social media (ie. they often go viral). Typically, each is between 1,000 and 2,000 words. They feature pictures and bold engaging subheads. Any imagery that can be provided by the author is welcome (try to make sure the pics are at least 600 pixels wide). If there are no pics available, MHN will usually be able to dig up something ‘public domain’ from the Creative Commons.

Here are some examples:

This a VERY long one (probably too long actually!)

Here’s a MID-SIZED example

Here’s a SHORT one

NOTE: We recommend short to mid-sized listicles.

How to Write a Listicle

Stories like this conform to a very simple pattern.

They start with a quick introduction to set up the topic and ideally demonstrate to the reader why it’s interesting/timely/ironic/worth further study, etc. It’s vital to demonstrate to the readers who may not know much about the subject that it is indeed worth a look. he have to hook them in the first couple of sentences.

After the introduction, the piece consists of a series of points or interesting facts, each one supported by two or three sentences.

The points/facts can range from numbers and stats:
• The P-47 weighs as much as two Spitfires and can carry the same payload as a B-17.
• The V2 rocket could fly from Belgium to downtown London in less than 5 minutes.
• One out of every five firearms on the planet earth is an AK-47 etc.

to the interesting and ironic:
• Lafayette was a general in the Continental Army before he was 20 years old.
• Roosevelt’s famous Rough Riders actually charged up San Juan Hill on foot.

We’re not looking for a narrative here as much as we are interested in a random assortment of fascinating or little-known facts. Once we’ve pique their curiosity with a list of facts, we can direct them to your book with a cover shot, an author bio and a link to Amazon. Think of your MHN article as the appetizer to a main course (your book, movie or app).


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WE ALSO accept photo galleries, short films, audio podcasts, multimedia presentations, etc. Usually they are supported by a very brief introduction after which we embed the content directly on the site:




We hope this provides you with some ideas. Feel free to contact us anytime to pitch something. We’d be happy to help get you some free exposure.

NH Mallett