Less than five years after defeating France, Germany prepared for another conflict with its neighbour to the west.

31 October, 2014
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Dangerous Times – Military History’s Forgotten War Scares

WHAT'S MORE FRIGHTENING THAN ghosts stories and Halloween tales of battlefield hauntings? How about the grim spectre of war itself? In honour of Oct. 31, MHN thought we'd share this list of of history's most famous military crises, diplomatic showdowns and outright war scares. BRITISH INVASION OF 1859 On the evening of Jan. 14, 1858 a 38-year-old Italian nationalist named Felice Orsini stepped out of a crowd on a busy Paris street and lobbed three bombs at the carriage of emperor Read more [...]

29 October, 2014
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Ghosts Stories — MHN Explores 10 of History’s Most Haunted Battlefields

ONE OF THE COUNTLESS HUMAN TRAGEDIES to unfold during the pivotal Battle of Gettysburg took place on the northwestern edge of the field at a spot known as Oak Ridge. There, in the opening hours of the bloody three-day engagement, Confederate general Alfred Iverson Jr. ordered his 1,350-man brigade into action in support of a larger Rebel attack on the Union right flank. As Iverson’s men surged towards the enemy, a line of Yankee troops concealed behind a nearby stone wall suddenly rose to their Read more [...]

27 October, 2014
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‘Known But To God’ – How the World Commemorates its Unknown Soldiers

ALL OF CANADA WILL PAUSE TOMORROW as Nathan Cirillo of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regiment of Canada is laid to rest. The 25-year-old reservist was on guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa on Wednesday morning when he was shot in the back by a gunman who then stormed Canada’s Parliament across the street. The killer, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, was felled amid a volley of gunfire in the halls of the legislature just minutes later (video here). Cirillo, who will be buried with Read more [...]

24 October, 2014
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Touché – Some of the Snappiest Comebacks in Military History

CAUGHT BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE. That would be an apt description of the Zaporozhian Cossacks of southern Ukraine. Originally a band of serfs who rebelled against Polish and Lithuanian domination in the 15th century, the wandering clans eventually settled in a vast territory or Sich on the lower Dnieper River region. With enemies on all sides, the Zaporozhians spent the next two centuries honing their military skills in a series of wars against Russians, Poles and even Ottomans. In 1676, Read more [...]

22 October, 2014
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M4 Furious – 11 Essential Facts About the Sherman Tank

THE GRITTY WAR DRAMA FURY conquered the box office over the weekend, drumming up more than $23 million in North American ticket sales according to Forbes Magazine. And while the action packed World War Two flick gives Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and Jon Bernthal top billing, the real star of the show is the movie’s restored M4A2 Sherman tank. Widely acclaimed as one of the main contributors to the Allied victory, the M4 Sherman is perhaps the most recognizable American fighting vehicle of the entire Read more [...]

20 October, 2014
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West Point Brings U.S. Civil War to Life with New Book and Digital App

THE UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY AT WEST POINT has a profound connection with the American Civil War. More than 800 alumni fought in the conflict, while illustrious West Pointers like George Meade (class of 1835), Winfield Scott Hancock (1844), William Tecumseh Sherman (1840) and Ulysses S. Grant (1843) led Union armies to victory. Similarly, the list of the school’s most celebrated Southern grads reads like a veritable who’s who of the Confederacy. J.E.B. Stuart (1854), Thomas Read more [...]

17 October, 2014
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Dying to Fight – Two Thousand Years of Suicide Attackers

THE ISLAMIC STATE CONTINUES TO FIND NEW WAYS to horrify the world. Just this past week, the now notorious militant organization launched a series of suicide attacks throughout Iraq. On Monday, an ISIS agent wearing an explosive vest blew himself up inside a Kurdish security command post; another at a busy market. Fifty-eight people perished in the blasts. The strikes followed another suicide bombing on Sunday near Baghdad that killed 45. Meanwhile, the Arab news site Al Arabiya reports that operatives Read more [...]