25 July, 2014
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InfoGraphic – 100 Years of Air Combat

ON AUG. 25, 1914, A RUSSIAN PILOT by the name of Pyotr Nesterov rammed his unarmed Moraine Saulnier Type G aircraft into an Austrian Albatross B. Most likely, Nesterov was trying to damage the enemy plane with his own landing gear. The two machines collided, became entangled and fell from the sky. Although both fliers were killed in the crash, the Russian aviator had in fact scored history's first air combat kill. Britain’s first-ever air-to-air victory came later that same day, when Read more [...]

23 July, 2014
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Dig This — Nine Wartime Tunnels That Can Still Be Visited Today

AS PART OF THE continuing onslaught against militants in Gaza, the Israeli Defense Forces are targetting not just enemy guerrillas, but the vast network of tunnels that snake beneath the embattled Mid East territory. For years, insurgents have used the labyrinth of passageways to smuggle food, supplies and armaments into Gaza as well as to launch raids into the Jewish state. The use of tunnels is hardly a recent development in warfare. In fact, armies have been burrowing beneath the battlefield Read more [...]

21 July, 2014
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Famous Last Words – The Dying Utterances of 11 Well-Known Military Commanders

  ALFRED GRAF VON SCHLIEFFEN WAS 79 YEARS OLD when he died in 1913. The Prussian-born career soldier, who first made a name for himself as a cavalry officer during the 1866 Austrian War, eventually rose to become one of Germany’s top military strategists. In 1906, von Schlieffen famously devised a war plan that would enable Germany to deliver a decisive knock out blow against long-time rival France. The scheme involved driving the entire right wing of the Kaiser’s army Read more [...]

18 July, 2014
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Explaining War Crimes – Why Have So Many Modern Armies Committed Mass Murder?

By Jonathan Harrison Few people in 1900 would have predicted that many of the world's most advanced military forces would commit horrific crimes against civilians in the forthcoming century. However, the genesis of those crimes was already unfolding in the colonial expansion of the European powers. Spain had used "reconcentration camps" in Cuba in 1897 under General Valeriano Weyler caused a political firestorm in Britain's Parliament over the appalling conditions in detention camps that Read more [...]
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16 July, 2014
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High Value Targets – The Plans to Assassinate The Top Wartime Leaders

This Sunday marks the 70th anniversary of the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler. As such, we here at thought we'd revisit this article from 2012 about the many wartime plots that targeted not just the Nazi dictator, but other major wartime leaders as well.    TO SAY THAT THE FAILED JULY 20, 1944 ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT on Adolf Hitler has been well documented is an understatement. The conspiracy, which was planned to coincide with a military coup in Berlin followed Read more [...]