21 April, 2014
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Downloading the Past – 12 Military History Apps for Tablets and Smart Phones

Military history has been getting a 21st Century make over, thanks to an explosion of new apps for tablets and smart phones. From reference guides and e-books to gaming, there’s probably something for everyone’s preferred digital platform, period of interest and tastes. Here’s a peek at what’s out there for the downloading. First World War Timeline Title: Timeline WW1 Studio: Ballista Studios Type: Reference guide Platform: iPad Cost: $9.99 Billed by developers at Ballista Read more [...]
Lew Wallace.

19 April, 2014
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Lew Wallace – Failed Commander, Successful Novelist

Easter was the motivation behind this Slate profile of Major General Lew Wallace, author of the 19th Century Biblical epic Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ – the film version of which will likely be playing ad nauseum this weekend on television. Published in 1880, the novel tells the story of Judah Ben Hur, eldest son of a prosperous ancient Judea family. He is is betrayed by a life-long friend and condemned to a life as a Roman slave. After enduring years of hardship, Judah returns to his Read more [...]
Walt Disney was just one of the many Hollywood studios that loaned its talent to the war effort. Popular cartoon characters did everything from shill for government bond drives and poke fun at the enemy to train soldiers for combat. Few of these cultural artifacts have been shown publicly since.

17 April, 2014
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Toons on the March — How Hollywood Animators Turned Their Characters Loose on the Axis

Do you remember the old Merry Melodies cartoon where Daffy Duck gives a Nazi the hot foot? Or what about the classic where Bugs Bunny drops an anvil on a Japanese soldier? Can’t seem recall those ones, you say? Well, that’s because audiences haven't seen them since VJ Day. But during the Second World War, the big Hollywood animation studios like Disney, Warner Bros. and MGM, cranked out an endless array of shorts featuring all of their popular characters (and a few new ones created just Read more [...]

16 April, 2014
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The Gustloff Incident – History’s Deadliest (and Mostly Forgotten) Maritime Disaster

The RMS Titanic is by far the most famous ill-fated ship of all time. Yet the unlucky luxury liner, which went down with more than 1,600 on board, can't touch the doomed Nazi cruise ship Wilhelm Gustloff when it comes to lives lost. Destroyed in action while carrying refugees amid the chaotic closing weeks of World War Two, the German vessel sank with several thousand more passengers than legendary British Cunard Liner. But despite the scope of the tragedy, few in the West know much about the Read more [...]

14 April, 2014
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Are Civil War Buffs an Endangered Species? – Historians Bemoan Public’s Fading Interest in Past Conflicts

A surprising number of Americans seem entirely indifferent to the ongoing celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of the U.S. Civil War. It's a development that's led to much handwringing within the ranks of the ‘military history industrial complex’, reports the Wall Street Journal. An article in Friday’s WSJdescribes how the public's apathy has both dismayed and disappointed many enthusiasts of the period. In fact, interest in the War Between the States is at an all time low, writes Read more [...]